Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lazy Weekend, Continued

I think I will do a little knitting and watch a movie tonight, so perhaps there will be a picture of the shawl to post tomorrow. I really need to find a new knitting store or make knitting dates to reconnect with my old friends. My social world has shrunk to work-WoW-gardening Sunday and it is just not enough.  I saw a blog post from a knitter the other day and there was a picture from a knitting store of a work table & stock wall and a bunch of happy knitters. I felt an actual visceral reaction of longing for old times at Knit & Stitch. *le sigh*

Another beautifully quiet day today. Did some gardening in the morning, brushed Dozer until the lawn was white with underfur, took him for a jaunt around the block (5th day running) and then played some WoW.  The sparrows were out collecting beakfuls of soft clean fur within 5 minutes of the end of the brushing session.  Those undercoat rakes are amazing. 

Picked up my eReader to start something new and ended up restarting a book I have read twice already this year, The Winter Sea.  It is a romance & historical romance set in present day Scotland and 17th C Scotland with a dash of  inherited memory as a barely believable subplot.

Iris the baby cockatiel and Billy are still sort of cohabitating - he won't let her in his cage so she lives on top of it for now. She is flighted and talented at it and the birds are banished from that room now so they are safe... if a little lonely. Time to go inside, grab my knitting, pour a glass of water and find a cheerful movie.

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