Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Spring Routine

Today I finished a book! I would tell you all about it but it seems to have mysteriously vanished into the depths of the bookcases.  It was "Plainsong" and a very good read (especially for 50 cents 4 years ago at a library sale).  Several characters' lives converge in this tale of found family.   The writing style was precise, clear and left me feeling that I knew the best, most important things about the characters, as everything extraneous has been stripped away.

This evening I took Dozer for a walk and it was nice. I got to try out my leather jacket and found it warm and comforting. We used the 15' lead around the quiet neighborhood and no incidents worse than wrapping the slack around a lawn sprinkler or two.  Maybe tomorrow I will brush him before we go; it is spring and he is blowing his undercoat.

It feels strange to have only one dog to walk.

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