Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 1/2. That's how many hours until I can start knitting for the SOS. I have stocked up on Loopy Ewe yarns, Knit N Stitch yarns, yarn from Italy that my boss brought me, yarn from the stash and my birthday present was a membership to the Yarn Pirate sock club, so I should be set. I have been winding balls all week (I wind by hand) and making gauge swatches over the last two days. I have spinning on the spinning wheel that can be made into socks at a moment's notice. There are fleeces in the closet if I get desparate.

Darling Wendy is having a contest for folks to guess how many pairs of socks she will make over the summer. I have sent in my guess, although by September I will never want to see another skein of sock yarn again. Maybe that is the real way to restrict yarn buying - overdosing.

My official "Knit This" sock list:
  • Zarina superfine merino "gray"
  • Mountain Colors (for M) "Tamarack"
  • Marks & Kattens Clown socks (for C)
  • "Watermelon Tourmaline" from Stone Barn Fibers
  • "Saffron" from Sweet Georgia
  • "Painted Desert" from Stone Barn Fibers
  • "Peppermint Mocha" from Claudia
  • "Wild Clover" from Cider Moon
  • Online Supersock
  • Pink socks (for K)

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Pickyknitter, I have been luxuriating all week in the Almond Goat Milk soap I picked up last weekend at the Museum. Always been a fan of Goat Milk soap, but you and Mandy's recipe is clearly superior. Got a care package from yesterday filled with your tractor drive-in suggestions. The Plow that
Broke the Plains has a new artsy music score! Darn, left the DVD player in what we affectionatly call the White Trash Winnie back in Vista. Have to preview it on the not so small new computer screen. Can't wait to see you back at the Farm!