Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Best Weekend Since October 1998.

The cotton spinning workshop, with Eileen Hallman (New World Textiles) on Saturday was GREAT. The students had fun, the teacher was happy, everybody was able to spin by the end, and lunch was a success. Ruth lent me her camera and I took oodles of pictures which came out well. I purchased Eileen's dvd for further lessons, a special shuttle for weaving with the freshly spun threads, and some replacement spindles as mine are crap. I cannot thank enough everybody who participated, who had a great time, who brought or helped eat the snacks, and who stayed to tidy up after eventhoughyoudidn'thaveto. I can hardly wait to do this again with the advanced class!

Afterward, Anne, her fiancee Scott, and I went out for Thai food for a belated birthday dinner. We shared ginger delight and yellow curry *mmmm* It is called Best Thai for a reason (1735 Spruce St, Riverside, CA *cash only*). Then it was back to the house for presents - Scott got two knitting books and I got two knitting books which are FABULOUS. I had this crazy grin all evening. I got home about 9, put in the "spinning on a charkha" dvd and fell asleep to it. A good day.

Today was great too. I went to the Lace In hosted by the Hedgehog Lacers bobbin lace guild. I did not take any classes, but rather manned the soap booth and practiced spinning on my charkha. Cleverly, I left behind the cotton I meant to spin today. I found some angora (rabbit) fiber and spun up a couple skeins of that. Everything went well until I hit matted spots - then it was a bear to draft. It was great to see all my bobbin lace buddies AND people bought soap. Randy made up some really neat Goat's Milk - Honey - Oatmeal soap that was gorgeous and sold out quickly.

No knitting progress to report, but I will try to post pictures of the weekend's completed skeins tomorrow. Right now I am going to play a little WoW and then watch my accumulated Netflix - "Ray" and "National Treasure". What a double feature!

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