Monday, June 25, 2007

Why yes, I have been knitting. I am still working on the gray sock (with lace!), and began a second sock out of the Cider Moon "Wild Honey" colorway. I am forgoing a lace pattern on this one - the colors are so beautiful and striking on their own, and it makes a good "take anywhere" sock because I am not constantly checking a chart. I still did a lot of explaining how a provisional cast on toe-up sock comes together (I am using Wendy's generic sock pattern). People are amazed. I will make an effort at pictures tomorrow.

I had an excellent time at the AGSEM this weekend and only got a little sunburned. At movie night we watched "The World's Fastest Indian" with Anthony Hopkins and it was indeed a heartwarming tale. There were some close calls, though! It was a beautiful clear, chilly night with an intensely bright half moon, and it felt nice to be out in the open air, snuggled in a blanket, there at the tractor drive in.

Not much else to report here at the moment. There are some things in the background that are not ready for blog publication yet, however. Tonight's big excitement is getting the car washed and my hair cut. Woo.

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