Thursday, June 21, 2007

One Toe. That is my knitting progress so far today (all at lunchtime). I am pleased. This yarn is amazing (the label says Zarina, Filatura di Crosa, and Merino - extrafine). It is soft soft soft, and squashy, and very round (it is a cable of 4 2ply yarns). It is so luxurious to knit with that it is hard to knit at top speed. I keep slowing down and closing my eyes. My boss chose well when she brought two balls of it back from Italy with her.

Tonight we are not going to be at Market Night, so I am going sundress shopping (it is summer, after all) and then I am going to knit into the wee hours. Last night I finished spinning up the "peachy" merino / tencel roving and watched Eddie Izzard "Unrepeatable" (1994). It was great.

I have had the BEST week. I can't wait for this weekend, and yet I also love looking forward to the weekend so much that I hope it takes its time getting here.

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