Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Miss Popularity. That's me.

We had a nice weekend at the AGSEM last weekend. The weather was beautiful, the chili dogs just kept coming, the spinning was easy (wound off another 800 yards of yarn to dye), and life was good. If I was less uptight, I would be bouncing up and down in my chair asking "how soon til we go back?" over and over. 3 more days. Only 3 more days. Loopy (from the Loopy Ewe) had his picture taken with Abraham Lincoln for the "take Loopy on Vacation" contest. Who is more famous than Abraham Lincoln??

The Summer of Socks begins on Thursday at 5am Eastern (that's 2am Pacific for me) and I am in the blocks, waiting to knit. Last week I matched stitch patterns to colorways, last night was spent winding skeins of yarn into balls of yarn, this morning I started on the gauge swatches. It is going to be all knitting all the time at my house. And in the car, and at work, and at lunch, and at market night. My goal is 12 pairs in 12 weeks. It's a big goal. But I really like knitting.

Watched "Van Helsing" finally... it was ok. It went better when I remembered that I queued it up because David Wenham (swoon) is in it, but really I just only looked up from my ball winding when I heard his voice. Eddie Izzard should be waiting in my mailbox tonight. A good thing too, because I don't think I can knit and laugh at the same time. I can, however, spin and laugh and wind balls of sock yarn and laugh.

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