Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holding Pattern

Not much new to report this morning. I made further progress on Petal and the blue scarf and watched some PBS last night. I should be able to divide for the front and back today at lunch - whee! This morning I was up early to dry some pants, make some breakfast, and watch some news. How many airport delay stories do we really need? Although the spot on United Airlines was amusing - the passengers arrived before the airline people at the counter and so they printed all their own boarding passes and luggage tags. I love it. Anyway, I really liked taking the time to feed myself, make some tea, and generally warm up for the day instead of falling out of bed at 24 minutes to the hour and rushing around like crazy. The next thing to add to the routine will be a walk for the dogs.

It is nice to be "up" today, making plans for the weekend's activities and looking forward to having a good time. It also helps that today was payday (early for the holiday), I have a 4 day weekend, we go on our cruise next weekend, and there is coffee made. And that I have spent the morning playing on Ravelry and reading knitblogs instead of working. I am doing about 30% of my previous work output, and am getting the same amount of praise (or not) and the same amount of money (no raise in the last 3 years), and no one seems to notice the things that are not done or are half done, so I see no reason to go back to the way things were. No one else works hard or accurately; why should I? I know it is because it is the "right" thing to do - but it makes me frustrated and angry when I work hard and others don't, and I don't need the added stress anymore. If we all worked hard and were rewarded for it, I would feel differently.

Boy, I hope no one at work reads this blog!

Tonight is yoga night, but I also plan to take some time for a trip to the bookstore, the pet food store, and maybe start a little holiday cooking.

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