Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's a (Shrink) Wrap

I went to see the new therapist last night. I am pleased and excited and encouraged. I hope it lasts! In addition to listening, making notes, and asking pertinent questions, she is a crocheter and a quilter who has dogs.

I fell asleep with the TV on last night and woke around 2am to see a story about the "Birth of the Cool" art exhibit at the Orange County Museum of Art. They combine furniture, art, and jazz from the "midcentury"" for a full experience. It sounds like fun and runs through Jan 6th.

I have been knitting obediently on Mandy's sweater and think I am closing in on the end of the 2nd sleeve. The blue scarf is still seeing progress, as it is my "knitting at stoplights and while waiting for things" project. Icarus is not a gift, so it is on temporary hold - every time I want to work on it I turn to another project so that they will actually get finished!

I stayed for yoga last night (slow deep stretch) and was glad I did. If my mind started to wander or feel sad, I let it go and focused on breathing again. It is always fun to see "the regulars" and know that they like to see me too. AWWWWWW.

"Cars" (the animated movie) and "Love Hina" arrive in the mailbox tonight, so I plan on feeling cheerful later.

**Edit to add** ... I must have this. I read on a blog that it was designed to go with the Blue Moon Raven Clan colorways. Yum.

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