Thursday, November 08, 2007

Un Shrunk

Firstly, I am feeling better today. Both happier and more even tempered. I know it is due to the placebo effect of starting my meds (which will take 3 weeks to kick in), but I am enjoying it for now.

I went to see the therapist this afternoon and as I was leaving told her I cannot come back due to the expense (which is true. I have an electric shut off notice waiting in the car for me to write a bad check tonight). The irony is not lost on me that I left her exactly like Kip left me - I did not tell her that I thought she never listened to me, that she only wanted to talk about herself, and that I am hugely relieved never to see her again, but rather used an excuse about myself (I'm broke) that, while true, is not exactly the whole truth. Am I a bad person? Is this my way of exercising control over someone I can't communicate with? The amount of money involved is 25% of my income, which is a Big Deal no matter what else is going on.

Knitting content: I finished (and photo'd) the Rum Runner socks on Tuesday at long last. I will wear them to the RiverSpinners meeting on Saturday, or at least bring them for show and tell. I worked on the burgundy Icarus shawl (also photo'd) in doctor's offices yesterday and got quite a lot done. It is a soothing knit. I may have accidently started a scarf for the security guy who watches over the yoga center (I don't know his name, but I always wave or say Hi), as it is getting nippy and breezy in the evenings. It is nice to have the will to knit again. I was pretty worried last week when I couldn't even look at my knitting bag.

I realized yesterday that I left y'all hanging on my reporting about my vacation to Maui. The rest of the pictures have been put on the computer and I will have a little visit with Flickr soon, so there will be an interesting post soon. Or colorful, at least.

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Rose said...

I think his name is Roy, but I could be wrong.