Monday, November 19, 2007

Refreshed and Clever

I had a nice restful weekend. Friday I had a very sad day and went home from work at noon. I did some tv watching, some knitting, and some much needed napping. Around 5 it was time to get moving, get dinner, and open the studio for Open Spinning Night. 4 of us had a mighty good time. I plied not one but two 2oz balls of merino/tencel singles (from my own hand-dyed) and started in on some "seamist" top that will possibly become a shawl, or might just replace the mittens I made in this colorway a couple of years ago.

Saturday I made it to the farmer's market bright and early, and scored some turnips, lettuce, tomatoes, pomegranate jelly, and other fun veggies. The egg man was not there, so it was off to Trader Joe's for eggs, milk, pumpkin bread mix, cranberries, stew meat and some other goodies. It feels good to have food in the house again, and better to cook it up. In the afternoon I finished sleeve 2 of Mandy's sweater *yay* and as a reward, wandered over to Knit N Stitch to visit and to cast on a project for me, to work on in my "spare time". I bought a skein of yarn to make presents with, and called it a day. It was nice to visit with Linda.

I watched "Cars" this weekend (twice) and really, really enjoyed it. The animation was great, the storylines were good, and the jokes were funny. I am glad that Mr. Fixit introduced me to racing, as it would not have been as funny without some prior exposure. It made me feel all nostalgic for the pits. Sigh. But I liked the movie and it made me smile so it was a winner. Next up is season one of "House, MD", hopefully in time for the Thanksgiving weekend. Otherwise it is a "Firefly" weekend or I will have to make a trip to the video store. Or I could install myself at the coffee shop and play WoW for 4 days. Yum.

Sunday was the 2nd weekend of the craft fair in Hermosa Beach, and I took my reward project and a good attitude (gasp) with me. We had a better day than last week, so I am glad it is a two weekend show. It was cold and overcast all day, so no toe-dipping occured at the beach. At least not by me. Then it was home to watch PBS and take a nap and work on the reward project some more. It is a soothing knit and trying to work some "cuddly" vibes into it so I will feel safe and warm and comforted when I wear it. I might not take it off.

I feel clever this morning, as I think I have found the answer to a project. I was drooling over this yarn all week, and today I was doodling around, trying to find the right weight for a sweater (which would get real expensive, real fast). Then I remembered that I have wool. Lots of it. White and natural colored. And dye! You can see where I am going with this - I can destash and reward myself at the same time if I pull out Pearl's fleece (a black romney), spin it to the appropriate grist, and then overdye it in color. Some days I amaze even myself. I think that somewhere in the stash is some black alpaca and some black merino, if I want to blend the romney for added softness.

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