Monday, February 25, 2008

I Told You So

Here is the Heart. It is nearly done. Since this picture I started the next (last) braid and can finish it in one night if I stop weaving long enough.
Here is the Moon (in-progress). It is done now and waiting to be framed. You can see all the cute bobbins in this shot. I am still "between opportunities" (although I am working at the yoga studio) and am applying for things left and right. Must have sent a half dozen resumes or more just tonight. I am taking the buckshot approach - send them everywhere and hope one hits. I take the test for the City of Riverside on Thursday. I have been weaving like a woman possessed, because once I get the dishtowels off the loom and do the finishing, I can put them up for sale at the yoga studio. They are coming out really nice. Some are tabby, but I have been playing with twills too. I am making them with handspun, organic, naturally colored cotton singles on a millspun 2 ply warp.

Today's big adventures included going to the grocery store, making butter and going to yoga class. The rationale to buying heavy cream for my coffee is that I can use 1/2 of the cream to make butter - then the cream does not go bad and I don't have a bunch of butter beginning to taste like the inside of the freezer. Genius! AND I got to read the first few paragraphs of the newest Harry Potter book while I was shaking the cream. By the way - is there any other kind of hallows than a deathly one?

Not a lot of knitting progress (unless you count the 40 minutes of knitting on the swamp sock that I managed while the computer was booting up tonight). I can sell weaving, not knitting.


tatt3r said...

I love your Milanese Lace! I took a class in Hungarian Tape Lace from Louise Colgan last year. She is an amazing teacher, so full of energy! I have her book with the heart and moon, and your pictures tempt me to look there for my next project! (I found your blog through Ravelry group L.A.C.E.)

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! The lace heart and moon are going to be really cool! About how many hours would go into something like that? It's amazing! Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy with all kinds of fun stuff! :)

Good luck with the job search!