Monday, February 11, 2008

This and Tat

I had a lazy weekend. I was not amazingly productive, but I managed to attend open spinning and the Riverspinners meeting successfully. We learned how to tat and I had a great time. I had managed to forget just about everything I had learned at this time last year, but had it all straightened out by the end of the afternoon. I even practiced a little at lunch today. It will be nice when I can put it together and make something instead of a long chain or a bouquet of loops. When I got home I played some Chocolatier (I finished the game with a new high score) and tottered off to bed.

Sunday was amazingly lazy - I watched "The Tempest" and "As You Like It" and a bunch of "24"s and knitted on the Dahlia sock. The production of "The Tempest" had Andrew Sachs in it - the same Andrew Sachs who played Manuel in "Fawlty Towers". I kept expecting to hear him say "No Meester Fawlty" but alas, no. I made chicken and wee small potatoes for lunch and the potatoes were amazing. There were yellow, red and purple ones (purple all the way through!) and I just threw them, quartered, into a tin with some olive oil and seasoning and turned them several times. I don't know how long they were in there, but they were divine when they came out.

This is a short work week for me - I am taking off Friday and Monday so I can attend the Winter Lace Conference. It seems like I have been waiting forever! This year they are closing the vendor hall while classes are in session, so I get to do both things (as I have been droning on and on about. Sorry). At some point this week I am also going to be adding more hours at the yoga studio as a way to be helpful, be with nice people, and earn some pin money. Tonight is quilting night, and while I have not done my homework (from what? October?), I plan on going and finishing the piecing. Really, there is like one day's worth of work left. I need to hurry before it is no longer quilt weather! I have been in a finishing-projects mood lately and must make the most of it before "startitis" starts again.

Everything except work has been going swimmingly. I am happy about activities, following up on promises, not hiding under a rock, working on projects, finishing projects, making plans, and thinking about my future. What a nice change. Maybe I will even start to look around at boys soon. Well, don't get your hopes up in that department. I daren't go off my medication, though. Which is also a nice change - the time I took meds in the past, I went off them as soon as I started to feel better, which was a Big Mistake. I think the sunny warm weather has been good for me too.

Just for Mandy: I washed 13 pairs of knitted socks this weekend!

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M said...

Hiya! I love those Time Management games like Chocolatier! I get bummed when the free trial expires but then I go to a different site and play again.

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