Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Right Here

I am still here, just drained of all energy and motivation. Having a rough time at work and it is making my anxiety level go off the charts. I am not used to that. Maybe the shrink will give me a RX for a Valium drip tomorrow.

Not much to report in the crafting department. I managed a little sock knitting on Sunday and that is about it. OH! I did finish my lace moon on Friday night and unpinned it on Sunday afternoon. I am mighty proud. I believe I start winding bobbins for the heart tonight. Hard to believe the Winter Lace Conference is next weekend already! The way work is going, I am highly motivated to do more spinning / dyeing / weaving and get it onto the Soap Plantation website for sale, although when I come home I feel wrung out and helpless.

The Dickens Festival was fun and soap sales were strong on Saturday. I always enjoy the actors, the music, the other vendors and the outfits people wear. I even enjoy meeting people who have stumbled upon the event on their way to the library. We looked adorable in our Victorian outfits and tried to stay warm with blankets, shawls, capes and all the soup we could manage. Sunday was drizzly, then rainy, then windy and rainy, so we called it a day and packed up around 10. Our tent cover was a smashing success and we were clever enough to remove it from the tent on Saturday afternoon, so it remained safe and dry in its container.

With a surprise free afternoon, I watched the first episodes of "Weeds", which were entertaining. I can't watch "24" right now because it makes me anxious and upset. I also watched "The Merchant of Venice" with Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes and Al Pacino. I have never seen it before nor read the play, so I was expanding my horizons a bit. I really liked the production. I also managed to squeeze in "The Departed" which was OK too. I can't really tell Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio apart, so spent part of the movie very, very confused. It was gory and violent but not suspenseful. I hate suspenseful.

Today's goal is to make it through the work day, go use the wifi at the coffee depot in the evening, and then go to lacing at Fran's. A rewarding plan. I can do it.

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