Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keep on Movin'

Nothing to see here.

Yesterday I managed sock knitting class and yoga and went home to fill in some forms for city applications. Woo. Watched a show on spontaneous human combustion and added an inch to the Dahlia sock.

Tonight is groceries, picking up soap, more applying, and interviewing for a part time gig at the yoga studio. No deep thoughts for the blog, just trying to slog thru the days. Funnily, the after-work time seems to fly by.

Tomorrow you are all invited to open spinning, and on Saturday the Riverspinners are having our meeting and a tatting workshop. C'mon down!

The staff here at Plantation Productions is sending out feelers for our 2009 cruise - how many people would be interested in a week or so of lace knitting?

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