Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quiltin' Time

So I went to quilting last night, hat in hand, and was welcomed back into the fold. I sewed the border on the top piece (the last of the piecing), we cut the batting and the backing, I sewed all around, and then we magically turned it inside out. Congratulations! It's a quilt! I still have to blindstich the hole shut, iron the edges, and do the actual quilting (not piecing), but that should only take an evening. I feel very accomplished. Julie had pictures of quilts at the last quilt show, and showed off some of her new projects. I am all ready to start a new one - as soon as the other one is Really Finished and I have some pin money for more fabric.

Tonight I made some soap for our show this weekend and did some more applying. Good Lisa. Now I can go home and watch "24" with no guilt. And my little herd of hedgehogs (soaps) is growing.

Knitting is coming along - the Tuscany sock #2 is 55% done or so, and it knits up fast. The Dahlia sock #2 has the leg stitches picked up and the leg pattern begun. The Swamp sock #1 has the heel decreases done, but I have to pick up and work the increases. Whew. I am riding this finishing wave as far as it will take me.

I still keep my tatting close to me, perhaps that will be my lunch project for tomorrow. I also need to get the treadles tied up on the counterbalance loom and get that going. And finish setting up my pillow for the lace workshop this weekend.

I better get moving!

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