Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Exciting Stuff

Things here are still par for the new and impoved course. Yoga is going well, and helping at the studios is going well. We are still taking sign-ups for the yoga retreat in Hawaii in May. I hope I win the lottery before then!

Knitting is being accomplished - I have been chipping away at Mandy's sweater again, and worked on the Uncloudy Day socks. In face, I took them to go see The Bladerunners at the Coffee Depot (with Pacific Ocean Bluegrass) last weekend. It was a good time. The ginger ale was superb and I splurged on a cd. I don't know if it was a good value - it is amazingly depressing. I mean, Morrissey could take lessons from this disc. I guess I like the new stuff (with the new guys) better than the old stuff (with the former guys).

I finished my second library book yesterday. It was "The Terror" by Dan Simmons. A great read - I think I managed 600 pages yesterday (of 800). It is a fictionalized account of a real mid-19th century British polar expedition. I probably don't have to add "doomed" as a qualifier there. It was pretty much the way they all went. But it was riveting, a page turner, and made ya think too. It was loads better than "Sea-Cursed" (my other library book), a collection of short stories about the sea - all wierd, scary, or gross in some way. There were only a couple I really enjoyed. There are some good authors in it, though: Clive Barker; Roger Zelazny; Roald Dahl, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allen Poe (who had a cameo in "The Terror", now that I think about it).

I am mentally gearing up for my trip to the AZ Handweaver's Conference next weekend. I am going to augment my adventure with a visit to the family in Phoenix. It will be short, but I am sure we will have a good time.

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