Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still Boring

I decided that my plan for yesterday was to slide down the porch steps and twist my ankle. Right before yoga and on the day of the hip workshop. Sigh. But I muddled through class and workshop with heavy modifications. It feels good today - but not good enough for Ashtanga this morning.

Petal is all done except for setting in the sleeves. It rained and hailed last night, which motivated me to wear it today. Now it is sunny and warming up. Sigh.

Today is wide open and I am taking it easy. Maybe I will finish sorthing the fleece with which I was gifted last Thursday. It was a pet sheep (boo) shorn by the owners (boo) and it is a naturally black / silver / brown (yay) finewool (yay). I am saving all I can for spinning and some for felting. Some is just trash. I will have to ask for next year's clip - I will even pay for a good shearer to come in. I forgot how much I love the feel of a fresh greasy fleece. It feels like sun and rain and happy sheep.

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Acorn to Oak said...

Ouch! I hope your ankle is feeling better today.

Mmmm...fresh fleece. Happy. Happy.

How's the job hunt going?