Monday, March 03, 2008

Fly on the Wall

I am at the coffeeshop. All the tables are taken. I am balancing the laptop on a barstool, leaning against a wall in the scary corner. But I have a connection and electricity, so I am happy.

There is a lot of good news to share. My unemployment claim has been approved, so I don't have to worry about making the rent. I have to keep looking for a job, but I was doing that anyway (in fact I have sent out 2 resumes tonight and am going to a walk in tomorrow).

I have been going to yoga almost every day for the past week. I feel great, although a little tight and sore from being away so long. I figure if I am working to earn free yoga, I had better go!

There has been very little knitting, but I did finish all the cotton towels and have already sold a couple. They came out really cute. I even managed to ziz zag hem the edges. Woot. I warped the loom again this weekend and started spinning this afternoon for the next batch.
These are the "Tuscany" socks. The yarn is Fiesta Boomerang in the colorway "misty morning". I put a Van Dyke lace pattern up the instep and front of the leg, which doesn't show well on the blockers. I loved this yarn. It would be great for a sweater. It is a 10 ply, so it is very round. These are the "Dahlia" socks. They are Yarn Pirate merino yarn in the "Dahlia" colorway (I am so original). I used a k3, p1 rib on the legs and cuffs which is my new favorite stitch pattern. They are both done now. The second sock has only one giant swirl going all the way around. I used the same number of stitches, same needles (aught), and same pattern. Wierd.

The sock blockers came from The Loopy Ewe (see sidebar). You can get them singly now, if you want.

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