Monday, March 10, 2008


Not much concrete to report on - knitting is going, but nothing is getting near the finish point. Weaving is on hold until I spin some more, and my spinning mojo is AWOL. The lace heart just needs the filing, but there has been no mojo to do that either. Even my library books are due tomorrow and I have not finished them.

About the only thing I have been making progress on in yoga and training to be the fill-in office manager while Jessa and Martena are in India. I am excited (and a little nervous). I tried a class in a new-to-me type of yoga this week - Viniyoga. It is centered around the breath and is traditionally a one teacher one student type of class. It was challenging in that I was suddenly faced with something new and all my "am I doing it right? what was that thing again? am I breathing in or out? do I look ok 'cuz I feel ridiculous?" feelings. But I liked it and will go back. I have gotten complacent / comfortable / confident in my regular classes (perhaps unreasonably) and going to something new really highlighted that for me. I tried to be more open and focused on my own practice tonight, instead of comparing myself to others (favorably or not). In fact, in class tonight I really kept my ujjayi breath for most of the practice, whether or not I was happy in the asanas. This is an improvement.

I am massively motivated (rightthisminuteanyway) to attend one of the teacher training classes now - either here or in India (or both, if I hit the lottery). It's not that I want to become a teacher, but I enjoy diving into new projects.

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