Sunday, September 28, 2008

Freezing Summer Days

It might be time to go back home - I can tell because the a/c in buildings is making my fingers umbjh. Numb. It has been hot and humid this week, but in general I think it might be time to go in the closet and fluff up my down duvet for the winter. Not quite yet, though. The bunnies still need frozen water bottles in the afternoon and the mouse has taken to sleeping outside his hut. It must be too well insulated in there.

Not a lot of knitting progress to report - about 4 rows on MS4 (and I am still not on clue 4). I doodled around with some leftover sock yarn in an effort to use it up, but was not pleased with the 2 or 3 things I tried. Ho Hum.

I have been feeling fine, but you all forgot to remind me that I am not allowed to watch "Sex and the City" yet... I was in tears by the middle of the episode last night. I can't stand to listen to them talk about relationship woes (and joys). Seperately (but related) I realized last week that what I want, what I have been waiting for - without even realizing it - is an apology from Mr. Fixit. I know I am not going to get it but I feel a bit better for identifying the thorn.

No big achievements this weekend and no big plans next week... but next weekend is the first of the yoga teacher training program. Wheee!

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AA in Glendale said...

(attempt #2)
When did you move to a colder climate?! Our A/C is still on, day and night, but the trend is in the right direction. Cooler weather has to come sometime, doesn't it??
A box of virtual chocolates to you, my dear.