Wednesday, September 03, 2008


It's not like I don't have 3 shawls in the works right now and one more that needs to be test-knit immediately.

It's not like I have 3 sweaters in progress, one of which is maybe an hour from being done and then delivered to the recipient.

It's not like I have 4 pairs of socks in various stages of disarray spread around in yarn totes all over the house.

I don't even have any idea what the MS4 will look like (duh). But I. Must. Start. It. on Friday when the first portion is released. I have no yarn, no beads, no plan. But knitting must occur. Luckily (Cheryl are you paying attention?) I can download the portions of the pattern and then knit them at my "leisure", whatever that is. There is no award that I know of for finishing on time, except that I would have a new shawl in time for autumn.

Well, I guess I have a little bit of a plan - I can finish spinning the "Ophelia" roving I got at the bead show, ply it off the bobbin and then start spinning some lacewieght yarn out of all that Cormo I bought last November at Torrance and then this July at Lambtown. I have an idea of the colorway I want (I did not buy it from The Loopy Ewe. Yet). Where beads will come from is another question entirely. Maybe I will make the foray into Tustin to check out the selection at ... the place next to Kragen, or maybe I will swing by Redlands to see if The Enchanted Unicorn has any (yes. I will call ahead).

I have been knitting like the wind on "That Scottish Shawl" while listening to "Memoirs of a Geisha" on cd. It is, like, totally engrossing. Audiobooks make a far better accompaniment to knitting than TV does. I also feel like my brain is working more by imagining the scenes. I am now only a couple hours away from starting the next section. I mean to take pictures, but the shawl lives in the bedroom while the camera hangs out with the laptop in the trunk of the car. (Don't rob me).

Maybe I will get all of those projects done by Friday.


Acorn to Oak said...

I was tempted to join the MS4 project when I saw the swatch I told you about. Then, when I saw your first MS4 post, I decided to go visit their site again...and...I joined it this morning and got directions for the swatch. I know...another project?! I want to finish the ones I'm working on...although, I am a little bored with them at the moment... and... starting new projects can be soooo exciting...maybe it'll breathe excitment back into these projects? lol It's a thought! lol Oh...but then there's the thing about having to buy more yarn (I's fun...but!) and the beads. hee hee ... I better get to shopping... ;-)

The swatch directions seem to make sense. I figure I can at least try a swatch and go from there.

I know someone that knitted "Leda's Dream" (MS3) last year at her own pace. It's beautiful!

Acorn to Oak said...

I forgot to mention...Ophelia is pretty. I like the colors.