Monday, September 22, 2008


This weekend (well, yesterday) I knit a scarf out of that fluffy alpaca yarn I made a few weeks ago. There were 200 yards and I worked it up in a "mistake rib" pattern. It came out very handsomely, and I will have absolutely no yarn left over after I weave in the 2" yarn ends at the start and finish points. It is a little bit short, and I should not have widened it after all, but it is warm and soft and will make a nice neck warmer. I put the finished scarf in the car. I put the camera in the car. I put the laptop in the car. And yet, at no point have I taken a picture of the scarf to upload.

That is about the extent of my knitting progress this weekend. Actually, that is the extent of all my activities on Sunday. Just me, the scarf and "The Two Towers". The scarf came out so well that I think I will make another out of the blue / green / burgundy wool I spun up about the same time as the gray. Now I know why people "gift knit"; to get rid of the yarn that they don't want for themselves, but will find a good home elsewhere.

I am still on a "finishing" kick -- I need to block Mandy's sweater, make a decision on the sleeves for the "Mirepoix Bodice", finish spinning the gray wool for the "Aud" sweater (betcha thought I forgot about that one!) and I will be pretty well caught up on the sweaters-in-progress. Maybe I will delve back into stole-land afterward.

About yesterday's mini post: I figured out how to log into the blog from my cell phone. I can make a title and give it tags, but there is nowhere at all to write the body of the post. Sigh. I was able to approve comments, so keep 'em coming!

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