Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where the Antelope Roam (Really)

Yesterday was a fun day at the Knit N Stitch open house. There were knitters, movies, snacks, spinning and the wall o' sheep. We are going to have private spinning lessons at Knit N Stitch, so I was trying to do a little interest-raising with the demo. Darling Cheryl and I made up the RiverSpinners contingent. I made some progress on the Red Fish roving - it is about half done now. I finally decided to spin it all up and then chain (Navajo) ply it. The colors naturally blend due to the way it was dyed, and I think 3 separate singles will dull it too much. Chain plying will allow the colors to sort of stay together. There is no plan yet for a finished object... I tend to get 200 - 700 yards out of 4oz of roving, which is not enough for the shawls I have patterns for, nor a sweater, but too much for a pair of socks.

Progress is good on the MS4 stole. I am about halfway done with clue #2 and the beading is going faster. I just bought more beads and I think I will need more before I see the end. Guesses on the theme (on the Yahoo group and on Ravelry) are all over the board - aliens? genies? roses? geisha? cards? My personal guess right now is sperm, but I don't think it will hold up. I am still working just one side a time, both to keep on schedule and to maximize stole length before I have to restock yarn and beads.

Someone *finally* was murdered in "The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers", but I am giving up on it anyway. Sorry, Lillian. I have moved on to "The City of Fallen Angels" which is set in Venice, but hopes are not high at this time.

I actually attended yoga this week (slow deep stretch), which was nice. However, I was still a nervous wreck afterward. Apparently I am wound more tightly than I knew! I will head off to another class this afternoon. The teacher training program starts in October and I hope to be in it. We will have pilates at the yoga studio soon - I may have to give that a whirl. I really need to be more active - knitting is fun but not full of cardio.

Weaving has been taking a back seat this last couple of weeks, which means I am not finishing things that will bring income to my little house. I have some tension and guilt about that. I suppose it would be alleviated if I sat. and. wove. After yoga, I think. The problem is that I would always rather be knitting! I have a blanket commission waiting in the wings and the silk for the scarves is sitting around looking longingly at me.

I had a little bit of a sad / frustrated morning. I hate it when my opionin / input is solicited and then mocked. Sigh. And then something made me think of Mr. Fixit which always brings a little twinge - although the rate of twinging has been reduced to once a month or so. I realized a few weeks ago that I no longer think about what I would do if he wanted to come back.... not that I don't miss being in a relationship but I suppose I have fully accepted that he won't be coming back so I don't have to imagine dealing with the scenario. It just takes me a long time to get over things. I am still not ready to deal with looking for / dating / getting to know / starting to trust anyone new, but I kinda miss having someone to go out and do things with.

It might be time for another week in Wyoming.

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Acorn to Oak said...

I wonder what happened to the rest of the Riverspinners? Oh well! They missed out on fun. Maybe next time.

Thanks for all the sock advice. I really appreciate it. I'm ready to get back to work on Pomatomus and the "man" sock. :-)

Less twinging is good! I hate that feeling. It sucks! Hopefully, the next guy will be a keeper! In the meantime you have your cute little critters with their unconditional love and lots of fibery fun stuff to keep you happy. :-) the way...your beautiful spinning and a project in the shop has inspired me. I loved the feather and fan scarf they have hung up and I think it'll be a great project to spin some yarn for. Time to practice! I'd love to set up a spinning session with you but I don't have any open Wednesdays for a while.