Monday, September 01, 2008


*edit to remove whining*

Otherwise, I have have attempted to have a nice calm weekend. I don't know that it is working out as planned. Saturday I worked and then watched movies and knit on That Scottish Shawl. I am getting close to done with the center panel and look forward to the next chart. I am also enjoying the project monagamy. The movies were "Hollywoodland" (about the guy who played Superman), and "The Pianist" (who knew it was a real story? must read the book), which both starred Adrien Brody. What a coincidence! The third movie was "Perfume: the story of a murderer" which was a lot wierd but pretty good overall. It is also from a book. It tells the story of a guy who wants to learn how to preserve scent, and hijinks ensue. Starring Professor Snape, Dustin Hoffman, and Ben Whishaw.

Sunday I didn't work but spent so much time discussing whether or not we should work that I just should have ponied up. Then I went to Fran's house and made lace. Her grandkids were visiting and, while they are cute, polite and fun, was a BIG change for me from having cats and dogs around. Eleventy-seven pets are WAY less work than even one kid, I suspect. The lace went swimmingly and I made great progress (one entire repeat out of the 6 required).

Today has been work and then maybe some lace (but it is getting kind of late). I also want to make a stab at going to bellydance tonight.

The big news from last week is that I combined Mr Whiskers and Seamus McCavy into one pen and they did not kill each other. Of course they have the rabbit to referee (he even has a black and white "uniform"). Things are going well so far, especially when I bribe them with banana and blueberries. Here is a bad picture of the truce:
But right this minute I need some lunch. My oatmeal has worn off. And it was a pretty big bowl!

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Acorn to Oak said...

I can relate to your first paragraph and the frustration that comes with trying to get all that stuff right or figured out or something. I struggle with that a lot.

I can also relate to the ice cream! Mmmmmm Ben and Jerry's...Yum! Along with lots of other yummy stuff that I eat and seem to not care about anymore as my tummy gets rounder. I try to exercise but I'm not very consistent. Hrrrumph!

On a different note...

I love the Scottish shawl! Wow! It's awesome! Can't wait to see it!