Sunday, December 05, 2010


Well, there has not been any knitting yet this weekend but it has been pleasant all the same. I am in love with my new e-reader and zipping along through _Pride & Prejudice_. The story so far: some people like other people, and some people think they don't like other people, but they really do. I can check my email, update FB, play number place, listen to music, and READ on the little contraption. The adventure of the evening is to install iTunes and see what free items they offer.

Today was cool but nice during our morning gardening time; the expected rain held off until it was time for our ice cream date. But it wasn't too cold even then, and not the least bit windy, so I call that a win. Dozer is soaking wet now, but lying on a nice dry mat to make up for it. Until I get up and do it, I forget how nice it is to walk. Made a stop at the pet store for a flashy new dog lead and some bird food. That should keep us happy for a while.

The returned baby cockatiel is surely going to be a male - he is strutting, whistling and chattering all sorts of nonsense. Interestingly, much of the chatter was learned from the father bird before s.. er HE left for his new home. I suppose that shouldn't be so shocking... but I am glad he didn't forget us. Little Mustardseed (their very first baby, hatched in April) is still very sweet and snuggly. She wants to be with only me and will never get enough head-scratching; definitely a throwback to her grandmother Dante (my first 'tiel).

Sounds like it is time to shift the laundry and I will refresh my tea. I will log in to WoW and say hi to all my chese nips - I love my nook so well that I haven't even thought about Azeroth this weekend.

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