Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I have a couple scheduled days off this week and have no end of ideas to fill the time. Playing Cataclysm is the top of the list, of course. I am also (finally) starting to get engrossed in _Pride and Prejudice_ and downloaded _Anna Karenina_ to re-read next. The dogs could use a bath and the parrots won't say "no" to some snuggles. My cold head is longing for a new cap and my cold fingers and hands for new knitted gloves & wristlets. The loom is, well, looming over there in the corner and the record player could use some revving up. I want to look up all my daytime knitting friends for knitting and tea, and have dinner and cookies with the yoga crowd.

This is my recharge time before the crush of month-end and holiday pressure and full schedules. Walking the dog (even just to the store) almost every evening is a help, as is keeping some of the birdies in the bedroom for constant chatter and snuggles. The cockatiel (cleverly named #4-1975) baby that I brought back home last week is definitely a male, s...he whistles, chatters and displays to no end.

I seem to be rambling, so off to find some dinner and see if my beer is cold yet!

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