Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Blog a Day...

Time to thrill you with another post featuring... no knitting pictures! I have been doing some knitting, however. I managed to finish the heel, join the leg, and start the pattern of the second blue cabled sock. I am only managing a couple rows per day, but it is better than nothing and the pattern is easily memorized. From here I just do 13 repeats of the cable pattern, add some ribbing and bind off. Then I can switch to the rainbow-sherbet colored yarn and finish the 2nd sock of that pair.

Had a good day today - worked in the late morning, drove to meet a friend for "tea" and pie, then fondled some wool and drove home. I nearly got my hands on the runaway kitty tonight... but not quite. She meows like she wants to come home but still runs away! I left her some chow on the porch. Downloaded a couple free (FREE) books to my e reader and now it is time for some (more) tea and a lttle World of Warcraft. I wish beer came in a hot version... or that I knew how to heat up some mulled wine. I wonder where my little crock pot is?

Next week starts the month-end portion of my work schedule... yay for craziness and for overtime pay!

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