Sunday, December 12, 2010


Not much happening this weekend. The weather has been fine and I have enjoyed sitting at the desk with the window and door open and letting the 80 degree air flow in. Gardening day was for whacking and harvesting - the oranges are ready and the guinea pigs & birds received the gift of parsley today. Yesterday I tried makinga rosemary wreath but ended up with a rosemary diamond - I need to find a round form to tie the boughs to.

The baby cockatiels are still endlessly entertaining - I put the #4 and #1 (Peaseblossom) in their own digs which leaves Billy and Mustardseed in the front room. MS promptly started to whistle and chatter now that she doesn't have competition! I have been turning over names for that little birdy in my mind, but nothing seems to fit. "Oberon" seems a heavy name for such a little bird to bear, but would keep in the "Midsummer Night's Dream" theme. I considered him to be a her for so long that no manly names seem to fit. Beaker has been making a sweet chirping noise lately - I think the nickname "Cricket" is in order. Violet and Hamlet are sitting on eggs again - and they have only been living on their own for 3 days!

The missing cat is still missing - she comes to the door and meows but as soon as I open it she scampers off. The neighbor even saw her clawing at the screen to come in the other night. What a doofus. I imagine she will get hungry and lonely eventually (yes there is kibble on the porch for her).

Still no knitting this weekend, but have been playing WoW. Now that I am in a new guild I am having a much more pleasant time. It's either that or because I restocked the beer supply this weekend.

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