Thursday, December 09, 2010

On the Level

I am having a nice stay-cation, playing WoW and snuggling the parrots. Beaker (and later, the cockatiels) got a spray bottle bath yesterday and found it very agreeable.Today's treat was half of a pomegranate - he eats every little bit of it. He even passed up some banana! The cockatiels are babbling up a storm and are endless entertainment.

I am enjoying the new WoW expansion very much. It was a long wait but the graphics are amazing and the quest lines entertaining. It is always better when I can play with friends and I have some good ones.

No knitting to report, but I did go out for family dinner tonight and we made cookies afterward. Good times. Everything is better after a full bottle of wine!

Back to work in the morning, then I think the spinning meeting on Saturday if the car will make it.

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