Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lavender Thursday

The end is in sight for the fingerless mitts. I started the top ribbing of #2 today (this picture is from yesterday). Just an inch more, bind off, 10 rows on the thumb, bind off, work in the ends, wash, set out to dry and they can go to Jennifer tomorrow. It is hard to get a good in-progress picture; when I am working a cable row I have up to seven needles in my hands.

The lavender plant I planted this summer (after someone stole my plumeria) is finally showing some signs of growth. It has several flower stalks shooting up and they actually smell both tangy and sweet. I thought I disliked the scent of lavender, but this one is a nice addition to the garden. I buried Firsa with an armful of rosemary, now I wish the lavender had been in bloom to add with it.

The baby cockatiels are still growing. The yearling babies are out and getting some exercise; Harlequin was begging me for head scratches (he is molting like crazy), Mustardseed is flying around the room and Peaseblossom is being demure as always. Mustard set Beaker off and he actually just flew all the way from his cage to my shoulder - his longest flight yet! Now he is getting pistachio dust all over my sweater and laughing at me, "AH HA HA" he says.

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