Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving Forward

I am still feeling blue, but have reasons to be happy. Right now I can hear the Hamlet & Violet feeding the chicks (in stereo!), Harlequin is telling me "herro" and that he is a pretty bird and swinging on his perch. The parakeets are trying to nap and are looking daggers at him. There is a dog at my feet and a kitty sleeping in the second drawer of the yarn caddy. He fits in there so well I have abandoned all hope of putting the top drawer back in.

Knitting is my go-to comfort and I have been daydreaming about yarn in shades of Firsa gray. I found the perfect skein at the Loopy Ewe today and a lacy sock pattern to coordinate, and spent some of my Christmas gift certificate (thank you Aunt Karen!). A little knitting to work through my grief is just what the knitting fairy ordered.
It has been slow at work and I got to leave a little early tonight. The sky was still light and it was lovely to drive home as darkness fell instead of "in the dark". I haven't been home by 6:30 in a long time. Not quite light enough to do any weeding in the garden, but I will get up early and spend a few minutes on it in the morning. I took out the trash, changed all the catboxes and am about ready for some dinner.

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