Friday, February 18, 2011

Topsy Turvy

Spring is coming up and I had a lovely lunch hour in the sun and wind knitting in the car, but it is pouring rain this afternoon and into the evening. I have month-end Saturday off tomorrow, although I am the Saturday gal (I do appreciate the break!). Said rain is washing out my plans to clean up the garden and the impending headache & accompanying nasuea are washing out my plans to do anything other than moan in the dark. The parent cockatiels have abandoned their home for the Ringneck's cage and he is eating their leftover vegetables. He is vicious to the cockatiels, though, so I am typing with my head turned around to look behind me.

But I have two days off, a mitten to finish, two baby cockatiels to snorgle and some Monty Python to watch. There might even be tea in the house!

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