Friday, February 04, 2011

Still Hangin'

I am still hanging on with everything I can muster. I got up at o'dark:30 before work to pay the rent and drop off a check for the electric bill, I made it to work crazy early and had some quiet time. There were some soap sales at work today and a potluck lunch that was a welcome break from oatmeal. The purple wristlets were begun and I love the yarn. It is a ball of bamboo / nylon sock yarn, but I think it will have a good home as wristlets, as the recipients were not that crazy about wool. I made it home from work, walked the dog to the bank, and am posting before an early bedtime and 4:45 wake up call.

I meant to post about something charming - I found a package of new, purple, sheets in the closet (from a sale at Tar-jhay years ago) and put them on the bed. The yellow beadstead looks well with them and I feel like I am sleeping inside a crocus flower!

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