Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am nearly done with the lavender fingerless mitts. Another night of hard knitting should see them finished, and then a day for finishing work and washing. I had a long day at work today, but put in a few rows at lunch and am turning patterns over in my head for the next pair. There are pictures on the camera, but I can't summonthe energy to link them tonight. Tomorrow for sure. It feels good to be a Knitter again, after such a long time off last year. I wore my Wallaby sweater to work again today and I am just so darn proud of it! It nieds to be washed and blocked and maybe then I can finally post some pictures.

The baby chicks are still growing. The elder is showing nascent gray feathers under the skin and I expect the eyes to open any day now. The younger is still pink and a little too small for my liking. I have a feeling she will be a lutino (no gray pigment peeping through the skin and pink eyes), which will be a lovely addition to the flock. Still trying to find the time to get some leg bands before they get much bigger.

I watched some episodes of "Firefly" last night and cuddled the kitties. Galen and Carrie (aka Momma Cat) are smothering me, trying to outdo each other for the title of new snuggliest feline. I finally had to kick Galen off the laptop in order to make my blog post!

I am still reading (slowly) _Bertie Wooster and the Lizard King_ and _The Moonstone_. I alternate depending on my attention span. They are each quite interesting in their own way.

I am happily in denial about my poor kitty. I brought her picture to work and could almost pretend she was at home (just hiding) until I actually came home and she didn't run to meet me. I am a little less sad each day... but it has been a difficult week. Today I watched a video on my camera that I took of the kittens playing when they were just a couple months old, and Firsa kept walking through the frame. That was a pleasant surprise.

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