Monday, February 14, 2011


Whew, I am still all worn out from the mitten post on Saturday. Not much going on today other than World of Warcraft and napping. And eating. I made simple syrup today and it has improved my homemade lemonade somewhat. I knit a few rows on mitten #2 while the game was loading and during a very interesting documentary on the Himalayas and the high plains of Tibet. Saw several animals I had never seen (or heard of) before... a silly looking bear and a very handsome fox being the most memorable. They also covered the Takin and the Kiang, handsome beasts indeed.
Read a little in my current book _The Moonstone_ by Wilkie Collins. A laugh riot, it is not. But it is more fun that _Barnaby Rudge_, so I will keep on reading.

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