Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Short & Sweet

I left a candle burning in the next room, so only a quickie post today. It is month-end at work (read: long hours) so I have to get my buns in bed early tonight. I have put in the thumb on the 2nd purple cabled fingerless mitt and might get it done in the next day or so. Then I can start the next request pair! They look well on everyone who tries them on... I may have hit upon the perfect gift.

I get the "dead kitty blues" strating at about 3pm each day and have a little cry on the way home. Today I was remembering her cute little "speed walk" when she was coming home from carousing the neighborhood and the times she would meet me at the car door when I came home. I put in lots of time petting the other cats tonight and appreciating them for who they are, instead of wishing they were more like her.

Yarn shipped today - comfort yarn solves most sad feelings.

Baby cockatiels are growing well. The older chick is starting to show gray under the skin where the feathers will be coming in and also has gray toes. The younger chick is not showing any gray and seems to have red eyes. I wonder if she will be a lutino? As long as they are healthy and strong I will take them however they are. I have to make a run to the bird farm for legbands before they get much bigger. After 10 days or so their feet are too big to fit in the band. The older chicks from last year are all adults now. Mustardseed will be a year old in a few weeks and Harlequin and Peaseblossom are a couple months behind her. Quin is still molting into his adult plumage (hence the name) and looks a right ragamuffin. I will have to take more pictures before he gets all sleek and sassy.

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