Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All the excitement, all at one time. Why spread it out? So I went to the dentist today, and on Saturday I am having my wisdom teeth out. I have avoided this for 15 years and Saturday is the day. So soon! The time slot was open and the price was right. I barely get over this shock, when I go to school tonight (a snoozefest by the way) and the professor tells us that the exam is on Tuesday. Like, next Tuesday. Like, I am sooooo requesting a medical delay. I feel bad for the prof some days - when the term started he had to restrict the class size to 50 and turn away something like a dozen people. Nowadays we have maybe 10 who come to class. Tonight we covered yet more radicals and then imaginary numbers (which are not radical. they are just plain)

I did however get quite a bit of Icarus done tonight - nearly an entire increase. It is already growing to the size where purling back makes my hands hurt. It's a good pain because it means I am just that much closer to being done. Woo!

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