Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome to Tuesday. I am posting to you live from beautiful downton Riverside's Jury Assembly room. Can't bring my knitting, but I can bring my laptop. How funny is that?

I had a very easygoing weekend - the kind I really wanted. I am trying to resist feeling guilty for getting nothing "useful" done. I did go to a soap show Saturday, made some soap on Sunday, did do some laundry yesterday, and I did knit a few repeats of a lace scarf of my own design. Pictures tomorrow, or tonight if I can get my home scanner fired up and connected. No, not pictures of the laundry. You crazy people.

I was tagged by Rose to do a quizzy thing... it is totally not fair to tag me because I don't know any other (not hugely famous and above me) bloggers. While I figure out who tag (or if), here are 7 random (hopefully interesting) things about me:

1) I can't stand not to have work or projects in progress. I have no ability to finish all of my tasks and have nothing pending for tomorrow.
2) I have to put on my seatbelt as soon as I get in a car, before starting it or backing out of the spot / driveway. It feels so wierd to even go around the block without it.
3) The more people yell at me, the more I try not to offend them.
4) This is a trait I share with one of my dogs. It drives me crazy when she does it.
5) I am against the death penalty.
6) I would rather sleep in than get up early, but when I do get up early, I always wonder why I don't do it more often.
7) I just got called to go to a courtroom. Just this second. Wish me luck!

*edit* so I got called at 9:20 or so, and they kept my group on hold until about 11. Then we got to break for lunch until 2. I had some chinese food, read my book, did a little emailing, and then went back in at 12 ish to play on the laptop (which was being balky). At 1:30, the lady at the counter mentioned that my group's case had been continued at 11:30 and we should hit the bricks. Wheee! So now I am at the coffee place, WITH MY KNITTING, and am about to play a little WoW. I should keep track of how often I die. Maybe I can set a record.

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