Thursday, May 24, 2007

Socking it to Myself! I finished the Regia socks last night at knitting (wiggles toes) and am wearing them today, even though I have not worked in the ends. Neener Neener Neener. No more socks for me until the Summer of Socks starts.

While I was there we discussed the 2007 Knit N Stitch Fall Knitting Retreat and I am looking forward to it (and hoping I can get the days off). We have big plans for a toe-up sock knitting class. Keep September 24-26 free!

In celebration of having another F(inished) O(bject), I tried to cast on for the Rona shawl from Knitpicks. I don't know who thought up "cast on 6 stitches, arrange on DPNs, knit one row", but s/he needs to either have her head examined or come over here and do the first 5 rows for me. Anybody think I can knit it from the outside in? It is going back in its drawer and Icarus is coming to math class again tonight. Icarus might get very big, as I have no idea how many repeats I have done / should do of chart 1. I will look tonight at the directions. Maybe. I am pretty happy just knitting away.

Continuing in the depressing movie vein, Netflix told me that the next disc of Law&Order: SVU will be arriving tomorrow. I think I need to go watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 tonight and PoC 3 tomorrow at the theater. I have a stack of gift certificates somewhere.

Today Wendy had the cutest picture of Lucy that I have ever seen. Go check her out!


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