Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am Feeling Ambitious Today.

The Loopy Ewe reveal has occurred and I am pleased as punch at the warm reception our little Lemon Lambs have received. I have big dreams for taking over knitters' soapdishes everywhere *bwahahaha*

I got a box in the mail last night and inside was this:
Claudia Hanpainted Yarn in "Peppermint Mocha", purchased from The Loopy Ewe. This is the yarn my boss chose to be my "thank you" for working on the weekend a couple weeks ago and for struggling thru a big project here at work last week. I got two skeins (enough for a pair of socks) and just want to sit here and pet it. It is soft and squashy and really gorgeous. See? Checking every 5 minutes for the Sneak Up really does work!

Last week I had a big adventure when I had to go to LA for a class for work. I took the train to Union Station, the subway to 7th, and the bus to my destination (and back again). It was all very exciting. I particularly liked the poster I saw on the subway of a handsome man in a suit knitting a hot pink scarf with boucle yarn. It was an ad for getting a lot done on one's commute and it made me smile. I would have pulled out my sock and worked on it, except I was only going 2 stops.

I worked on both the Regia sock #2 and Icarus that day (last Thursday), but have no new knitting progress to report. I have been afraid to knit while I am taking Vicodin (for my wisdom teeth extraction). I am feeling so much better that I had ziti for lunch. Little tiny bites is the answer. And I am NOT using a straw to drink with. (I forgot to post a link to Ruthie Pie's website yesterday. It is The Dizzy Ewe.)

We have a soap show coming up in Riverside this weekend (Saturday the 19th) at an event hosted by the Old Riverside Foundation. We will have soap, fiber, yarn, and more soap. Come on by and say "Hi!". There is no charge to look around at the vendors.

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Scott H. said...

slurrrp! Ah! Nothing beats a good ziti. :-)