Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Summer o' Socks. I saw this on Wendy's Blog and joined with alacrity. I forsee a lot of spinning in my future. I signed up for the "most socks" contest.

Quiet here today - I like work so much better when I spend the day not working. I knit on the Regia socks last night during math and today at lunch - knit the entire foot last night and the heel at lunch. I would like to wear them on Saturday for my birthday. Remember being little and getting a new outfit / all dressed up for your party? There were some pretty dresses in my past. However, I will never be 9 again.

I got a "free month of Netflix" ad in my email the other day. If anyone is interested, email me or post a comment and I will forward to you and spread the addiction. And you can always cancel after your free month!

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Ruth said...

Lisa, just so you know- it's all your fault! A knit-the-most-socks contest - how can an obsessive-compulsive knitter resist.

So now we're in competition, you brat.

still grumpy, but I have LOTS of sock yarn.