Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day 1

I'm starting the new year off right - some sock knitting and a blog post! The idea is to keep it up. I worked on the blue - with - a - cable sock #2 this afternoon and it is getting pretty close to done. I will have plenty of yarn left over, so I will make matching wristlets in the same pattern. I have been freezing pretty much the entire day today, so the more knitted articles, the better. The yarn is too fine for a hat but matching socks and wristlets is a stroke of pure genius.

No reading this weekend (I overdid it over Christmas), but I put a few levels on WoW characters and enjoyed some pleasant diversions.

Tomorrow? Gardening with Martha and then craft day with Ruth. I just hope the weather is not courtesy of Noah. A little Biblical humor, there. A very little.

1 comment:

Lenora said...

I too, am ready for new socks. Had not thought about matching wristlets. Thanks for the suggestion!