Friday, January 25, 2008

All Quiet...

I got to scamper off from work early yesterday and deliver a proposal in Pomona. Lucky for me, it was practically on the way to Brea, where I had to go after work anyway! So I was early to go pick out my thread for the bobbin lace project I will be doing at the Winter Lace Conference. I am pleased with my choices and also to have that chore out of the way. Now I can start winding bobbins.

There was a flurry of finishing in the knitting department yesterday. I worked in the ends of the Watermelon Tourmaline socks, so those are done by any standards. I sewed down the picot hems of the Calamity socks and remembered (after I was done) that I did not make an effort to keep the yarn loose while I did so, and had socks that were too tight at the top to go over my heels. Some un-working in ends and futzing with the hem were in order and they are now wearable. I finished the first Tuscany sock, but couldn't find my scissors to cut them from the skein so I have to take 10 seconds to do that before I can start sock #2. I also added a couple rows to Mandy's sweater (see how responsible I am?). I have been sneaking rows onto the green Icarus shawl and am close to moving on to chart 2, where the really lacy part begins. It will feel like real progress to do something besides "k7, shuffle, k7 shuffle" for 210 rows or more.

I watched a show on PBS last night about the man who invented the lobotomy. Scary, sad, and amazing on many levels. Even I drew the line at the fact that he lobotomized a 4 year old. The whole icepick in the eye socket was amazing - it takes a special (not the good kind) of person to think that is a good idea. Basically it sounded like he was pithing people. I am glad I am crazy now and not in the 40s. Speaking of which, I did not have my appointment today, as my therapist was snowed in. I have had a good week, so I am OK with that (I think), but I will see her Tuesday and Friday next week.

I continue to listen to "Thank You, Jeeves" in the car and am enjoying it immensely. I have got to start looking on for used audiobooks, though. $30 a pop (well, $20 after coupon) adds up fast. Anything that makes me laugh out loud during the day is OK by me.

I am going with Denise to the rabbit show this weekend. I think it will be fun and different. I might just bring my spinning wheel and get some work done. Or a spindle. There are lots of things I could be spindling. The rest of the wool for the gray sweater, for example. The one that was supposed to be done by Autumn of 2006. Yes, 06. Sigh. All I have left to do are 1/3 of two sleeves (knit at the same time on one circular), the sewing up, and the collar.

Also on the docket for the weekend are 2 soap making sessions, a lace making session, and I would like to get my butt to yoga on Sunday. I missed my Wednesday night class two weeks in a row and was glad to be there this week.

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