Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I finished the moon last night! Well, except for the optional filling, which I began. It requires a lot of sewings, but I need the practice. It is really fun putting the beads on, which I never thought I would say. I should be able to finish it on Friday. Then let the bobbin winding (for the heart) begin! I think I am beginning to retain some of the techniques. I just have to keep working on projects to reinforce them. That's how I finally became proficient at knitting - I stopped letting myself take a long break from it.

Yesterday did not hold a massive amount of knitting. I think I added about 2 rows to the Swamp Socks and that was it. I did not take a lunch because I had a therapy appointment in the afternoon, and after that I went to the coffee shop and sent out my resume like a woman possessed. I also sewed some more on the giant tent cover for Dickens. I hope that no one judges us on our sewing ability.

I have borrowed season 2 of "24" and spent last night (after soap and lace) yelling at the tv - "Just drive away! why are you getting out of the car? why are you running away from the people on the street who can call the police?" But I like Jack. I don't think they planned on it, but the things he does are hilarious.

Tonight is sock class and yoga. A pleasant evening if I can find some clean yoga clothes, otherwise it will be me and "24" again.

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Acorn to Oak said...

I'd love to see some of your lace. Last time I saw your bobbin lace you were just starting your first project. :) Post pix..hint..hint. :) :)