Monday, January 14, 2008

No ReEgrets

Sorry, no exciting birds at the post office today. I have found a new route - through the construction zone - that adds maybe 5-8 minutes to my trip. I approve.

I know I have said it before, but I am really done here at work. It is like I work in Opposite-Land. Everything I say, do, or am told is the opposite of what I think I am saying, doing, or hearing. Instead of finding someone to take over the proposal part of my job, they found another person to make more proposals come in, and now I have to do them for two people instead of none. And acted surprised when I freaked out. It is time to move on. I am setting a goal date of 2/22/07 to be out of here. Sooner would be fine too, if the right opportunity arises. So it is off to troll for positions tonight. Is there anything fun available over at LAUSD?

Before all that mess, it was a mostly good weekend. Friday we made soap for a bit (including a new scent - Apricot-Mango - which is spectacular) and then I think I did some chores or went to bed early. Saturday was our Riverspinners meeting in the afternoon (I spun on my charkha) and some weaving before and after. And I walked (!) to the store to get some dinner fixin's. I need to do that every time! Sunday I was felled by a headache that advil just did not touch. Ow.

There was a small amount of knitting. Mostly it was a weaving and spinning weekend. I realized that I can get smaller blocks of color by spinning a puff of one color after another on the same spindle, instead of filling the whole spindle with one color. Duh. So I worked on some brown-white-green-white-brown (etc) naturally colored cotton dishtowels. It worked like a charm. I also read more deeply into "Learning to Weave" and toodled around with a twill pattern on the next dishtowel. Imagine my surprise and delight when it came out like I hoped! Well, mostly like I hoped. But if you saw it, you would say, "look at that nice pattern you added there", I promise. Also, my charkha spinning has improved greatly, as I spin several times a week instead of a couple of times a year :) Who ever knew that practicing would lead to improvement?

So except for my piece of crap job, I remain a happy camper. Tonight is scheduled to be yoga night, but I may spend all evening at the coffee place using their wifi connection to hunt down a new gig. Remind me to call the optometrist and dentist this week.


Quirky said...

I am hoping for a new job, too. Look for my name on the June ballot.

Lisa said...

NO WAY ! That is too cool.