Thursday, January 17, 2008

Slog Slog Slog

This craptastic work week continues. Even I get depressed going on about it. I think I will find $1.65 in pennies (to buy a coffee) and spend some more time job surfing at the Coffee Depot. And I am going to tempt fate and go to the grocery store tonight and make real food for the first time all week. I miss salad.

I had a good time at the OC knitter's gathering. I was not quite as boisterous as usual, but I did go (!), I did talk (!) and I did knit (on the sweater!). Somehow we managed to seat ourselves by project color - I was at the purple table. A couple of times I leapt up to run over and pet someone's project :) only at a knitting group.... There were some great yarns out and about. Anne had a whole bagful of samples that she acquired at TNNA, so I got to pet some of the yarns everybody has been buzzing about. I recommend the Paca Peds. I also did a spot of grocery shopping and then braved the mighty winds to go back home. They were vicious in OC, but non-existent in Riverside until a couple hours later, when it woke me up. That is some serious wind.

I can hardly wait to go to my session tomorrow. I have desperately needed a shoulder to cry (whine) on this week. Even my trip to the psychiatrist yesterday was unfulfilling - I hate the days she is running behind and we have to fast forward our check-in. It may be one of those days where I don't feel well enough to come back to work afterward.

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