Monday, January 21, 2008

The Longest Day

Wow. I did nothing this weekend. It was great.

Friday was open spinning night, but we all brought knitting. I worked diligently on the Watermelon Tourmaline socks (I. Hate. Feather-and-Fan.) and ate pie. mmmmm. Then it was home and more knitting and settling in to watch "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)" by the Reduced Shakespeare Co. It was pretty funny - very similar to the style of the acting groups at faire (Dogs in Doublets, Sound & Fury). They spend half the show on "Hamlet", which got boring, even though it is my favorite play.

Saturday dawned gorgeous, I made some breakfast, and settled in to watch "24: Season 1" on Mandy's recommendation. I had been studiously avoiding it. I also picked up some lace knitting and made great progress, although it didn't come out to a large % of the finished size. "24" ended up being pretty engaging and I ended up watching the entire season over the weekend. These folks get a hell of a long battery life on their cell phones. And none of them save numbers so they can see the caller name before they pick up. And they are whiny, whiny, whiny. But I enjoyed it and look forward to watching season 2 next weekend. The other project for Saturday was to wash all my handknit socks that were in the pile - whew. It was nice to have a selection to choose from this morning, though.

Sunday was also warm and sunny and a leave-the-door ajar kind of day. I watched "Jay Leno - Certified Car Nut" and finished the Watermelon Tourmaline socks before putting "24" back on. Jay has some really neat cars - steam powered, really old, really fast, really souped up (one has a tank engine in it!), even a jet powered motorcycle. It was fun to watch. I really, really want a Tiger Sunbeam - I was even thinking of cleaning out the garage this weekend (although I did not). I got about 2/3 of the way through a sock ("Tuscany") in Fiesta Boomerang yarn and my own pattern. I love this yarn. It is soft and squashy and beautifully dyed. For good measure I also put about 5 rows on the green Icarus shawl - this is my least favorite project after the WT socks, and I am slogging through it. I will be glad when I can hand it off to the store.

So, I got nothing done outside of some cooking, sweeping, and sock washing. I will try to be more productive this week in the housekeeping arena.

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