Friday, January 18, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Well, I came back. Fortunately my appt was an hour later than normal, so it is only 3 hours until quittin' time. Plus 15 minutes to clean the fishtank.

I made a detour to the market last night and bought food and potted daffodils. Yay! I made dinner, watched some PBS, and knitted away, happy as a clam. I had a little accident and *cough* startedanewproject but it kept me from burning down the office or moving to Mexico, so I am not upset with myself.

Tonight is spinning night - you are all invited - and I think I will bring my wheel for a change. It needs some exercise.

Then I have NOTHING planned for the weekend. I am so excited. I was thinking about it today, and might take Dozer-dog to a dog park or dog beach, but I am not telling him and getting his hopes up. I could stay home and read, or snooze, or weave, or clean, or wash the car (that might not be optional at this point), or spin, or watch tv, or go to the knitting store, or go to yoga, or any number of other things. It will be a surprise to everyone, including me. I should go to the farmer's market Saturday, and do some job hunting, but even that is fun.

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