Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Looking Forward

I have been having a good time lately. Last weekend I warped up the loom and have been weaving industriously with my own charkha-spun cotton singles. I have the ingenious shuttle (from New World Textiles) that allows me to just drop the spindle in and weave away - a good thing because I do not have a bobbin winder. Yet. I am amazed at how much progress I am making, and how much fun I am having. I get all set up in the bird room, and have a book-on-cd playing, cocoa on the table and dogs at my feet. Life is good. And the best part is that soon I will have dishtowels. Special thanks to Denise for nagging me and to Fran for the loan of her warping board.

I watched "The Queen" this weekend, and found it OK. It was well-acted, but I am no Diana-phile, so the whole premise was mildly annoying. I also finished the last season of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie". They are easy on the eyes, but season one was the best. "House" season 3 starts arriving tonight *wheee*.

Some knitting also occurred - on the sweater and on sock #2 of the watermelon tourmaline socks. I finished sock #1 in July and then suffered a sudden bout of second sock syndrome. tonight is sock knitting class at Knit N Stitch, and then on Friday they are having movie night, where I anticipate good sweater progress will be made. Bring on the merlot.

This week's big adventure is to go to the market and get canned goods to pay my library fine for the book I have had since the Hawai'i trip. Then I can get a new book and some books on cd which I will actually read instead of carting around everywhere and not reading.

I had a long talk with myself about Mr. Fixit last night and feel better about the whole mess today. I haven't been posting about it much because everyone is sick of hearing about it and I get a lot of pressure to "get over it" and find someone new. However, it is still difficult for me and I am SO not ready to try dating again. My ususal habit is to have about a year between relationships, and if that is just how long it takes, that is going to be OK. I am sarcastic, standoffish, and impatient with some things, and highly sensitive about others. Highly. That is just how I was made.

Anyway, I should get some work done at some point today. Or at least clean the fishtank.

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